Testimonials for Ramgiri

Ramgiri is a pure vehicle in the transmission of this essential yoga of the Heart. Pure Love is a gift that can change the world!

Ram Dass
Author and Spiritual Teacher

Ramgiri’s “HeartSourcing” gives you the key to the secret of secrets: That in you lies all the love you’ve been looking for. Now turn that key and allow your heart to unfold.

Ram Dass
Author and Spiritual Teacher

Your way of presenting the wisdom of the heart made me FREE. I do not need to search for truth any more; I have had it in me all the time!

Kate Barbour
Student, USA

Ramgiri is devoted to love, to what works, to peace and all the people on this earth.

Byron Katie
Best-selling author of “Loving What Is”.

“I do not know anything, I just know how to change hearts.”

– Maharajji